• Kendra Haaland


    Kendra Haaland is a producer of animated feature films, who most recently produced Wonder Park for Paramount Pictures, which will release in theatres worldwide in March 2019. With 20+ years of producing experience, her credits include the 2015 Golden Globe-winning How to Train Your Dragon 2 from DreamWorks Animation, and Walt Disney Feature Animation’s Hercules, Mulan and Atlantis as well as DisneyToon Studio’s DVD feature Little Mermaid 3. Kendra spent one year in Jerusalem, Israel advising and consulting for a start-up animation company, and has travelled the globe as part of her producing life.

    She began her professional career at McCann-Erickson Advertising and Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising in New York. Her big leap into animation happened by a chance meeting in 1991 with the director of FernGully, The Last Rainforest while on vacation visiting California. She was hired to work on FernGully, first as the Operations Manager before taking on the role of Overseas Production Manager. That experience was life-changing and led to her current career in producing animated films. Kendra has a B.A. in Speech-Communications from the University of Minnesota, and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix, AZ. She is also an Executive Coach with training from the College of Executive Coaching in Santa Barbara, CA.

  • Anita Killi


    Anita Killi, born 1968 in Stavanger, is a Norwegian animator and film director. Anita studied graphic design and illustration at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry (SHKS) in Oslo between 1988 and 1990 and animation at Volda University College between 1990 and 1992. She mastered in animation at SHKS in 1996. She also studied in Estonia. Anita Killi has made several award-winning animated films, among others The Hedge of Thorns (2001), distinguished as the Norwegian film to win the most international awards in 2002. In addition to animated art shorts, she has also made animated commercials and sequences in documentaries and industrial films. In 2009 she completed the animated film Angry Man. The film, dealing with domestic violence, as of 2011, has been shown on almost one hundred film festivals and won over forty awards, reportedly making Anita Killi the most awarded filmmaker in the world in 2010. Since 1995, Killi runs the animation studio Trollfilm AS from her family’s farm in Dovre.

  • Joanna Rytel


    Joanna Rytel, born 1974 in Warszaw, Poland, studied at University of Art, Konstfack in Stockholm, University of Photo and Film in Gˆteborg and at Domens Artschool in Gˆteborg. She has developed a complex artistry, which always points out our time’s most poignant issues of gender, power and identity. She approaches these issues with great integrity, putting the personal at stake, making her form of address accessible to those outside the usual art and film worlds. Some of the controversial topics she explores are honor, racism, feminism, relationships between animals and people, taboos and sexuality in the public sphere, abortion and porn. Considering how loaded these topics are, one might guess that Rytel would handle them with political correctness. Far from it. The politically correct answers are left out, and the reaction becomes stronger when viewers are deprived of their passive role and become a part of the answer. Some of her films that were screened around the world are Me Seal, Babyí (2013), Moms on Fireí (2016) which also screened in Anibar two years ago, and Stay Upsí (2017).

  • Holger Lang


    Holger Lang is an Austrian artist and filmmaker, living and working in Vienna. For over 20 years he is researching and teaching animation, media arts and aesthetics for an American university at one of their satellite locations in Austria and also at their main campus in Missouri. Travelling extensively, he has been invited to numerous lectures, presentations, conferences and festivals in Europe, the US and Japan.

    Holger Lang is the founder and director of the “Under-the-Radar” festival and symposium in Vienna, he is one of the co-organizers of the symposium “Scanner” at Animafest Zagreb, and he is selecting programs of European and Austrian animation and experimental films for various international venues. In addition, he is managing and curating an independent gallery in Vienna, and for several years he is one of the board members of ASIFA AUSTRIA where he is supporting, promoting and distributing contemporary Austrian animated films. His artistic output in multiple media has been shown in solo and group screenings and exhibitions for more than 25 years. The focus of his work reaches from abstract and conceptual work to experimental and interdisciplinary projects. Originally born in Germany he grew up in rural Austria, spent several years in the US and UK and – for now – settled in Vienna

  • Lana Tankosa Nikolic


    Born in 1975 in Copenhagen. She has been Educational Coordinator for Animation and CG Arts at The Animation Workshop, VIA University College in Viborg, Denmark since 2010. She has now produced more than 40 NGO student films, of which one, The Right Choice (2012), directed by Bo Juhl Nielsen, was selected in the category for the Commissioned Films Annecy 2012 and another, Poseidon (2017), directed by Noa Juel Johansen, succeeded in reaching over 50 million views since the release in June 2017. She is the Danish Ambassador for the European Animation Awards. In 2016 she started her own production company, Late Love Production, which among others produced Martina Scarpelliís film ìEGGî which has been selected to the Annecy International Animation Festival in the official short film selection.

    She is now in development with the next project of Uri and Michelle Kranot, ìThe Hangman at Homeî, while continuing her collaboration with Martina Scarpelli, developing her new project. Lana has been a jury at Animíest, Romenia, FESA, Serbia and Primanima, Hungary.